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God’s Law is perfect. The Law of God is the foundation and source, as well as the preserver, of life, liberty, justice and love. This Sermon, given at Grace Church of Dunedin, presents a survey of the Biblical Narrative as the Story of God’s Law. This Story is of a God who creates and redeems a people for his own precious possession. He is a jealous husband and and good King.



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It is not a new thing to see a government cloaked in secrets and doing business in the shadows, while assuredly smiling to the citizenry believing the charade. It seems the habitual mistake of all Systems of oppression and Empire is that of underestimating the ruled. It is through this insult to intelligence that the fall of the mighty begins. In their neglect of human capacity for freedom and liberty they deceive themselves, for military might, deception, and intelligence nor fear are capable of more than a shallow control. The human spirit is a moth in the fresh luminescence of the street light at dusk, fluttering overhead of the young seeing that same sight as sign to return home for dinner. Humanity will always be drawn to truth, and they will bask in it at all costs, for they are designed to find their purpose and delight there and nowhere else. How foolish are they that believe they are succeeding in controlling the masses by rationing what they feed them? As though the populace has not the mind nor the strength to hunt and find other sources of nourishment, especially when what is provided by the government is lacking severely and cannot satisfy? Government is ordained by God and appointed by humans for the order and civility of society. Government is good as long as it serves Humanity, when it seeks to be served and to control it is antithetical to its purpose.

There is no greater insult to God than the oppression and violation of his image bearers. Nothing ignites him to action like the whispered desperate cry of one he created. God creates and designs with intention and care all who bear his image. When government believes it is sovereign over that which God rightfully claims ownership and affection a great conflict exist, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”. When Caesar believes he is entitled to that which is not his, he finds himself corrected and judged by the One he tries to forget. Humanity belongs to God, not to government. Justice and peace come from God, not government. Security and liberty come from God, not government. Life and breath come from God, not government. Humanity is to serve and love God, not government. A humanity free of fear of powers and institutions is a humanity free to exist as intended, reflecting the Divine Image in which they are fashioned: To breathe and dance, to paint and sing, to love and forgive, to worship and delight. A humanity that sees this freedom as theirs will no longer be controlled with fear and force, but will become liberators of others and of the earth.

True freedom is never threatened by terror. Nor is it effected by power. True freedom is the very core of the person, it is who they are ontologically. When one feels oppressed and in bondage it is because they are seeing the chains or the power structure of their society and believing those are why liberty is lost. Many men and women have realized that their shackles and bars have no bearing on their liberty, for liberty is a human right and it is intrinsic. They have learned that the only true prison is that of their own making. If anyone wishes to be free look to God the author of freedom and find it there. Realize what liberty really is and know that it is always there for you to enjoy.  Government cannot take freedom. They believe they can take it away with prisons and spying. They believe they have power to instil fear with threat of imprisonment, loss of possessions, societal status or even death. The executioner has not the power to kill anything but the human body; ideas and truth they are powerless to resist or destroy. Jesus promises a resurrection like his, this is a great hope and in it one may find sanity. Resurrection means that even the body is beyond the reach of the earthly powers, and that justice is the ultimate and permanent state of the planet and of humanity. Do not fear government, not because they are good or because there is nothing to worry about. Do not fear them because they can do nothing but either right rule and therefore prosper or oppression and therefore die as so many ruling powers before them. God is not mocked nor is history a fool.

Too often we get mired down in superficialism, materialism, nationalism. We forget that borders are invisible, labels are inventions and prejudices are learned. The fight can be won by extending empathy globally. And that means being the change we want to see.- Abby Martin, Breaking the Set

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