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As I sit with my son in his room, well I’m sitting, he is running full speed from wall to wall laughing- he seems to not have any other speed… As I sit here with my son I am thinking about a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine asked me advice on there 6 month old. I forget exactly what was asked, something about what diapers were best for a certain size. I didn’t have any useful advice for her.

Yesterday my wife and I had our nieces over at the house and my wife asked me to make a bottle for the 6 month old. I couldn’t remember how. I made hundreds of bottles not too long ago for Elijah, but now I couldn’t remember how much formula, or whether it needed to be warmed. Just a total blank on baby things.

But I know two year olds. I can sense a tantrum coming minutes before it strikes and have become pretty good at prevention. I am a gourmet chef in my sons little eyes, making sure every meal is on time and full of delicious healthy sustenance. And though bedtime is always a challenge I have learned to transition into nap and bedtime with a set schedule of traditions (snack time, story, bath, kisses to Maggie our dog and others). My point is that I’m familiar with two year olds but though I was once the Baby Whisperer, I’m no longer knowledgeable.

This leads me to believe that parenting is something that must be adaptive. As my son grows and drastically changes I too have changed with him. I have been able to become the daddy he needs no matter what that need is. The same is true for his mommy. Without trying Jillian and I witness everyday our ability to adapt to Elijah. We have principles that we will never compromise (discipline, education, fun, schedule, ect.) but even these things are always open to creative rethinking.

This means that everyday is a new start in a sense. I have accepted the fact that with every new day I don’t know what I’m doing as a parent. The journey is that I am constantly learning. It’s an exciting journey and I have never had more fun. I rely on Gods grace for all that being a parent entails, and I pray for the wisdom to continue to adapt and grow as a dad with a really great little man.



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Our society has become a safe haven for boys to stay boys for as long as they like. A recent study shows that the number one video gaming demographic is not teenagers, but men age 20-32. It is no wonder why this same group are also much less likely to marry or even move out of their parents house.

As a father I find this cultural characteristic terrifying. I want my son to become a man one day and hopefully before he is 30. I am about a week away from being a stay at home Dad while my wife goes back to the work she loves. This also is a bit unnerving for me. But one thing good to come out of this is a lot of quality daddy and son time.

We have a few things to do together:

Potty training (for for him not me, I’m pretty good most of the time).
fort building
zoo trips

…and many more. But in all this I cant shake the fear in the back of my mind. I want my son to become a good man one day. I want him to marry and make a living doing what he loves. I want him to lead others and be an example for all to admire…I want him to fear God and to enjoy him forever.

This is really where the rubber meets the road I think. If I want all this for my now two year old son, then I must myself be an example of a God fearing man. I must be dedicated to my sons discipleship. I must pray and fast and teach and obey… I must be a man who worships and trust my King.

I Corinthians 16:13&14 seems to directly address this:

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

Act like men. Paul has in a brief statement defined manhood here to the Corinthians. Standing firm in the faith, being alert, strong and doing all things in love. The human is defined in the Bible as the Image Bearer of the Creator and King of all the universe. A man is a man because he has been liberated from sin and evil so that he can again fulfill his purpose, reflecting the beauty, justice, creativity, mercy, strength and love of his God. This is what I want to be, this is what I want my son to be.

So I pray and praise. I praise God that my son is not in the situation of so many boys in our nation growing up without dads in their homes and lives. I pray I will be a good dad, loving my son with all of me and communicating to him how well pleased I am with him.

Fathers, love your children, love your wives. Honor God and raise a people who fear and love him by loving his creation.

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