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My world is one full of luxeries and technology continues to promise and deliver more every day. Keeping up with the Jobs and Gates becomes more than a convience search but an exhaustive hunt for significance and individual validation…so the hunger seems to never be sated. I am by no means judging anyone here and if it’s wrong to enjoy the latest and greatest technological treasure than I too am guilty as I type this on my laptop and rest periodically to respond to texts on my new Android device.

My new life (as I call and see it) has me rethinking everything I have become accustomed to. I am drawing the conclusion that luxery is over-rated and ironically seems to distract from that which is truely precious and valueable. The neighborhood where I spent my childhood tried to teach me that. My short time in Peru tried to teach me that but I never really got it until my wife showed me that all I really need are in these walls with her. This new reality  becomes overwhelming when my hand is on her womb where my active unborn son, like is daddy, is wide awake. He is unaware of this but with every kick and wiggle he is making me more dedicated to the idea that I have all I need. He, I believe, is making me a better man.

Take all luxery away and all that will happen is a speeding up of my growth and sanctification. I have my family and with it my purpose to love and be loved by them. I have my God, whose grace is the water that refreshes and gives life to my existence. I can live without the technology and cars and clothes… I will not live without my family.


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